African Smoke Coffee Beans
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African Smoke

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African coffees are characterized by a lively and often wild taste in the cup. For African Smoke™, our most popular coffee blend, we use an all-star blend of natural and washed coffees from the premiere African growing regions. The roast is dark and smokey. The bright acids and wildness are subdued and the result is an exceptionally complex and caramelly sweet cup. It has been our top seller since 1986. If you enjoy a spirited coffee with dark roast character try our African Smoke.™ Roast Specification We take these beans to our dark level. As with other super dark roasts the sugars are caramelized and the roast taste becomes a significant factor in the cup. This special blend retains a natural sweetness and I have been known to remark with a little attitude, "it tastes like candy."

Excellent choice for iced coffee. Especially Vietnamese “Phin” style.

African Smoke is a trademark of Bean Central Coffee Roasters.